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The AquaJET AJ-1600Bw is offered in 64" model, combining high-speed performance and superior image quality, using EPSON DX5 print head. With 8-lines Independent Ink Supply System and variable droplet technology, ALPHA printer can realize high speed printing with double 4-color and high quality output with 8-color printing.    
bea95c7c-3601-481b-bf90-835daaffb8eb-middle EPSON DX5 piezo printing technology for high quality imaging and color accuracy. You can cut your printed jobs easily after print.    
284f2908-d016-449c-9c9b-ff9b353cec19-middle With High quality leather belt AJ-1600Bw is more stable and it has a longer life span.    
f5825cb4-7aee-4735-ab71-b879867ee1b4-middle Higher Precision and Mechanical Print Head Adjustment. With advanced 180 nozzles*8 lines integrated print head, there is no need for mechanical print head adjustment, improving fidelity of output greatly.    
0c7aad48-689c-4e3b-acde-688529c5fefb-middle Double 4-Color High Speed Production & 8-Color Fine-Art Reproduction. Double 4-Color mode with two sets of CMYK ink enables high speed production. 8-Color mode with additional LC, LM, Or and Gr widen the color gamut, perfectly realizes the red and green, natural color of body and shining color of metals.