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PRINTING TABLE Unique Titanium alloy table — high hardness, great toughness & prominent appearance.Its weight-bearing is up to 50kgs/sq
INDUSTRIAL PRINTHEAD Gray scale piezoelectric technology with variable dots can flawlessly present best showing quality and most vibrant color at max 1440dpi resolution.
DRYING SYSTEM Two LED UV lamps — cold light source, intelligent irradiating, long working life and low energy consumption, which benefits to energy saving and environment protection.
INK SUPPLY SYSTEM Negative pressure ink supply system supports single 100m/min high speed printing with working amplitude less than 50 Pa, fully ensuring continuous ink supply and relieving color aberration.
HEAD HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM Head height can be flexibly adjusted with digital display, double height adjustment controlling the accuracy up to 0.5mm and the max adjustable height to 100mm.
HEAD TEMPERATURE SYSTEM Intelligent head temperature system can real-timely control the head temperature and guarantee stable output under different working circumstances.
HEAD AUTO-CLEANING SYSTEM Auto cleaning system can realize high efficiency with the options of separate cleaning or thorough cleaning by easy operations.
SAFETY FACILITY Equipped with anti-collision device, limit sensors and emergency stop buttons, complete safety system can protect the carriage by responding an alarm and stopping printing immediately.
ELECTRIC CIRCUIT The whole electric circuit is designed with the technology of using weak power to control strong power for the protection of personal safety at utmost.
POSITION SYSTEM High precision encoder strip can automatically physical position the printing area without the limitation of medias placement.
SUCTION SYSTEM Eight separate air suction channels can accurately and effectively fasten media. Adjustable adsorption power is suitable for various printing sizes.
KEY COMPONENTS Key components are from the most famous brands such as SMC, Omron, THK, Panasonic, Schneider etc, which further ensure the remarkable performance and stability.

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