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Water CB Inks
WCB-4MG Magenta, 440 cc 
WCB-4YE  Yellow, 440 cc
WCB-4CY  Cyan, 440 cc
WCB-4BK Black, 440 cc
WCB-4LC Light cyan, 440 cc
WCB-4LM Light magenta, 440 cc
Cleaning liquid WL-CB2 1 pc., 220cc
Water CB Inks     WCB-MG Magenta, 1L
WCB-YE Yellow, 1L 
WCB-CY  Cyan, 1L 
WCB-BK Black, 1L 
Cleaning liquid WL-CB 1pc., 1L
take-up system
TU-64 For 64" ALPHA printer model

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