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FRT3116  UV Flatbed Printer is a kind of large inkjet printer mainly used to print images on flatbed material and flexible materials due to that it combines the roll-to-roll function with the sheet-to-sheet,  The images designed on the computer can be printed out as their original shape
The maximum printing size of this printer is  3.1 x 1.5m for the rigid mateials and 2.5m printing width for the flexible materials
Our FRT3116 UV flatbed printer can print images on all kinds of flatbed materials and flexible materials, such as glass, acrylic, PVC foam board,  ceramic, aluminum composited panel, corrugated board, aluminum sheet, metal,wave board, wood , MDF,ceiling, banners, vinyls, wall paper, timely paste,canvas, leather,etc. 
Special pre-treatment to materials is unnecessary.
The maximum printing material thickness is 100mm.
The printing effect is very good and the images are firmly printed on the panels, This ensures that the printing effect can be well preserved for a long time without fading(indoor for 10 years and outdoor for 3 years.)

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