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UV Flatbed and Roll to roll Printer UV
Features and Applications of UV Flatbed and Roll to roll Printer
UV roll to roll printer is a kind of wide format printer that adopts imported UV ink to print on glass, leather, and other materials , it can also print roll advertising materials. The maximum width of the material is 3.2m.
The printing effect is quite good, Our UV roll to roll printer can print the images firmly on mediums.
The printer with fast printing speed and mass production at a time is available.
Our UV roll to roll printers are superior to solvent inkjet printers in high productivity, environmental protection, and other industries.
 Advantages of UV Flatbed and Roll to roll Printer  
Our UV roll to roll printer can detect thickness of media automatically and the printer head carriage can go up and down automatically.
It is equipped with automatic cleaning system and print head carriage anti-bumping device.
There are three kinds of printing speeds; draft mode; standard mode and high precision mode
Its tension system can be adjusted continuously.
White print head and innovative structural design.
Optimized ink-jet system and multi-domain vacuum printing platform,
Our UV roll to roll printer adopts Konica Minolta print head.
As a professional UV roll to roll printer manufacturer in China, we strive to provide various high-quality UV printers for our customers, In order to do this, we adopt the newest fiber data transmission mode, which can facilitate the transmission of data and enhance the anti-jamming capability. Furthermore, we develope a specialized control system for UV roll to roll printer on our own.

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