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Model FRT3116
Print head KM-512-14PL/KM-1024-14PL/RICOH GEN5
Catagory UV Hybrid Printer
Print Technology Drop-on-demandPiezoElectic
Nozzle Technology Piezoelectric Inkjet
Print head controls Print head temperature and voltage are software adjustable
 Cloth feeding system Automatic rotary motorcan be driven to achieve optimal tension distributing 
Cloth collecting system Automatic motor rotating φ 35cm
Material accepted Roll to roll / Sheet to sheet
Ink Characteristics UV curing ink
Ink Reservoir Refillable on the fly while printing / 1000ml
Drying system UV lamp
Rip software Photoprint / Onyx / Caldrea
Color Management Icc Based Color , Curves Adjustment , Density Adjustment
File Format Tiff , Jpeg , Postscript3 , Epsand and Pdf
Power supply 50/60 hz  220v (10%) > 30A
Operation Environment  Temperature 20  to 28 degrees
Humidity 40% to 70%
Printing size 3.1 x 1.5m for the rigid materials, and 2.5m printing width for the flexible materials
Media thickness 1-100mm
Nozzle Number 4/5/6/7/8/10/12/14/16pcs
Resolution 360dpi*360dpi  360dpi*720dpi
720dpi*360dpi  720dpi*720dpi
Printing speed In Draft mode up than 58 sq.m/h ( 8 heads )
      In Standard mode up than 42 sq.m/h ( 8 heads )
               In High resolution mode up than 34 sq.m /h ( 8 heads )
Colors 4 colors ( C M Y K ) or 6 colors ( C M Y K Lc Lm ) . White & varnish can be optional
Outdoor life 3 years ( use Docan ink )
Dimensions 4.8*3.93*1.38m
Weight 2160KG

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